Bodegas Rodríguez Chiachio SL, is a cellar Development and Aging of wines and vinegars, belonging to the frame Montilla – Moriles, one of the designations of older Origin of Spain, which was registered in the initial registration of wineries with number 1.

The winery was founded in 1942, as a next step in the preparation of wines produced in the vineyards of the family, located in the Sierra de Montilla, top quality area within the frame.

From its origins Chiachio Rodriguez has sacrificed the post production quality, dedicated exclusively to high-end products.

Bodegas Rodriguez Chiachio 2

That’s when the RCH family realizes that in Spain, is cooked with different types of wine by region, but none of them is specific for this purpose. Then start searching the winery has excellence in a special wine for cooking. It was to be a wine that would bring much flavor even incorporating a small amount, thus it would be economical and available to everyone. Would be able to withstand long cooking times well without losing his constancy in the stew. Would have to provide one flavor of wine and of course had to be completely natural.

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