Successful advertising campaign “The Stew” in Sevilla


” El Guiso ” , launched during the months of November and December, an advertising campaign that strengthens its presence in the market, as the major product in the field of special wines for cooking.

The investment, close to 60,000 euros, has been developed specifically for the market of Seville leaning on a global media planning, aimed at strengthening the brand, and the promotion and understanding of their new product lines . These focus on the marketing of high quality canned vegetables , as an ideal complement the range of wines , vinegars and cooking special brandies.

” El Guiso ” bet responds to the constant commitment of the teaching by the rescue of traditional values ​​in the kitchen, which together with the outstanding quality of their products, making it the quintessential choice for cooking. Because traditional yet timeless .

” El Guiso ” brings to all its different products that touch of craftsmanship and well done , and thanks to its long experience in the industry, provides its products those flavors and aromas of the kitchen today and always , since its birth more than twenty years have made them the preferred in kitchens across Spain.

Using the mass media campaign is allowing the generation of a high degree of knowledge , complying fully with the targets. The campaign is divided into radio Onda Cero , Cadena Dial and Radiolé . While Mupis are a total of 35 major Kiosks spread of capital. The campaign complete a fleet of 30 buses that circulate in Sevilla until the end of the year.