Wine donuts


  • 1 kg of flour.
  • 4 eggs.
  • 350gr sugar.
  • 2 lemons.
  • ½ cup of Vino “El Guiso”.
  • Cinnamon stick.
  • 1 envelope yeast.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • Powdered sugar ( optional).


In a little olive oil, fry the rind of a lemon and a cinnamon stick . In a bowl, mix the flour , eggs , sugar , baking powder, lemon zest other oil, have fried cinnamon and lemon and Cooking Wine ” El Guiso ” . Knead well mojándonos oil hands to work the dough without sticking and that WILL let stand 2 to 3 hours . After this time we are doing pellets of the desired size , crushed unpoco and make a hole in the center to shape the bagel . In a skillet with enough oil we fry until golden brown , take them out , passed through sugar and let cool . Instead of passing by sugar , are also very well dusted with icing sugar.